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-60°C Prefabricated Static Cryogenic Freezer Integrated unit with over 3 cubic meters of space
Prefabricated Static Freezer
The static freezing system has no unit cooler. With no air movement, there is no drying of food, work efficiency is improved, and all space inside the freezer can be used.
This unit uses a single-stage compressor. The mechanism is simple, and there is no over-capacity. Running costs are about one-half compared with earlier systems.
Drawing and specification
Because this system has no unit cooler, it is not affected by heater breakdowns and fan motor problems, which were a problem with earlier systems. Advanced design features overcome a variety of problems, including drain blockages.
This environment-friendly unit uses a special non-polluting refrigerant mixture that conforms with CFC-HFC regulations.
Dairei Co. Ltd. uses advanced cryogenic preservation technology used in the pelagic (ocean) fishing industry and manufactures inexpensive, low temperature, -50°C and -60°C freezers.