-50°C HFG Series Cryogenic Showcases
Net capacity: 133L
External dimensions
W730 x D665 x H830mm
drawing and specification
When foods containing fats, such as fish and meat, are exposed to the air, an oxidation reaction occurs as oxygen combines with the fats. This makes products more vulnerable to freezer burn and drying. In a -50°C environment, there is an almost complete cessation of molecular activity, so oxidation and drying are significantly reduced even when products are in contact with the air. As a result, foods stay fresher for longer.
Net capacity: 284L
External dimensions
W1270 x D665 x H830mm
drawing and specifications
Product variety plays a crucial role in the creation of attractive selling areas. There is a major difference between the range of products that can be displayed at -50°C and -20°C. At -50°C, large stocks of seasonal products and luxury items can be maintained on display for sale. These showcases ensure that every sales opportunity is captured. They also reduce the time required to display products and help to increase the durability of product value.
Net capacity: 368L
External dimensions
W1570 x D665 x H830mm
drawing and specifications
Dairei Co. Ltd. uses advanced cryogenic preservation technology used in the pelagic (ocean) fishing industry and manufactures inexpensive, low temperature, -50°C and -60°C freezers.