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A Food_Revolution at -60°C
Pelagic tuna fishing vessels routinely undertake voyages of one or two years. As tuna are caught, they are cleaned and placed in on-board freezers at -60°C. This technology allows the tuna to be kept fresh for long periods of time and eventually brought to our dining tables without any deterioration in composition, color, flavor or other characteristics.
Dairei has brought the advanced cryogenic preservation technology used in the pelagic fishing industry to retail stores and homes. It has successfully developed low-cost -50°C and -60°C freezer-stockers that allow long-term storage of a wide variety of food products, including salmon, bonito, salmon roe, crab, abalone and other seafood, as well as meats and processed foods, such as Chinese dumplings and shao-mai. The technology can even be used for fruits, including lychees and avocados, as well as Japanese and European confectionery. Now all of these products can be stored for long periods without any loss of freshness.
Frozen food showcases in supermarkets and other retail outlets normally keep products at temperatures between -15°C and -20°C, and the shelf life of products sold from these facilities is generally around 2-3 weeks. With Dairei's -50°C cryogenic freezer showcases, shelf life can be extended indefinitely, eliminating losses caused by the disposal of expired products. Even additive-free products, which previously lasted only a few days, can be stored for long periods. Benefits of this technology include the ability to ship traditional delicacies nationwide. Moreover, gourmet ingredients can be bought in bulk when prices are low and stored at -50°C to ensure reliable supplies. Lower temperatures also mean better hygiene. Dairei's cryogenic technology has turned the impossible into reality.
Dairei Co. Ltd. uses advanced cryogenic preservation technology used in the pelagic (ocean) fishing industry and manufactures inexpensive, low temperature, -50°C and -60°C freezers.