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-80°C DS Series Super-Powerful Compact Freezer
Extended Storage of Dry Ice!   DS-78 DS-78
Net capacity: 63L
External dimensions
W555 x D635 x H875mm
The sublimation ratio for dry ice after 24 hours of storage in an ordinary freezer
(-20C) is around 80%.
If the effective quantity of dry ice required is 10kg, it is necessary to secure 50kg.
With the DS-78, the sublimation ratio after storage for 24 hours is only 20%.
DS-208 DS-208
Only 12.5kg of dry ice is required to provide an effective quantity of 10kg.
Net capacity: 191L
External dimensions
W925 x D703 x H855mm
Dairei Co. Ltd. uses advanced cryogenic preservation technology used in the pelagic (ocean) fishing industry and manufactures inexpensive, low temperature, -50°C and -60°C and -80°Cfreezers.